Cursed Arrows

RUNNING Up THAT HILL Handpainted brick red leather jacket - Small

This is one of my proudest moments as an upcycler artist and music lover. A brick red leather jacket Canadian-made in the 80's that I have lovingly adorned with black, white, and metallic acryclic and oil paintings of Goddesses, ancient cross-cultural tribal symbology and pagan imagery -- along with a few antique gold pyramid studs. The painted imagery has been sealed for durability.

I've been bringing this with me around to markets for years, with no takers! It's a small size - around 6-8 or Small/XS. If you're this size of human, or know a Kate Bush fan who is, perhaps this could be yours?

Garment measurements:

Shoulder to shoulder:

I would also love to paint a version of this for you in your own size!

Send me a message and we can make it happen 🏹