Cursed Arrows

REDEMPTION handstitched vegan leather crucifix ring

Part of the Sigil Collection, of magical, meaningful handstitched and intentional pieces.

REDEMPTION, when worn, makes all of one's past sins worth the risks and the consequences. One knows, when wearing this ring, that when we strive to maintain pureness of heart and mind, all is forgiven. Regret not, for all of your past actions will soon morph into present realization.

Make the ultimate pagan statement with this understated yet badass black vegan leather crucifix ring! Available with white cotton, or limited earth-coloured cotton stitching.

It is stretchy yet durable, can be worn upside down for an even edgier look, and feels like you're wearing nothing at all on your hands. Great and lightweight for all activities and weather.

Made from upcycled fabric remnants, recycled polyester thread, and gifted/upcycled cotton string, these pieces can safely be considered 100% recycled. Not a bad feeling at all!

I generally ship within 2 business days, but please be advised:

Most rings are sent by regular untracked mail, unless you select otherwise at checkout.
International orders (especially Europe) may take up to 8 weeks to arrive.
You may select expedited shipping upon checkout if you'd like to receive your order faster, or have *tracking or insurance* added to your order.
I currently do not accept returns or exchanges, so order carefully!

Take care, and enjoy the season~