Cursed Arrows

The Cursed Arrows Oracle Deck

The Cursed Arrows 40-card Oracle Deck is a labour of love dating back 19 years.
The art of The Cursed Arrows Oracle is deep and dark, but also defiantly hopeful. Ryan works to bring the subconscious forward, and made much of the art for the cards without pretention or forethought. The words and writing that accompany have been deeply intuited and brought about through years of study and careful attunement.

Everyone deals on a daily basis with some form of negative energy. We may at times feel surrounded, or even directly attacked by these energies - these are the cursed arrows we are tasked to dodge in this lifetime. These cards are designed to assist you in your quest to build and fortify the armor necessary to deflect these psychic attacks; as well as dive deep into your own psyche to discover what you can do to repair the wounds you've suffered.


40 LARGE (3.5 x 5") oracle cards

310gsm black core linen cardstock, with a sophisticated matte finish


Sturdy two-piece box to hold the cards and the guidebook

Silver foil stamped embellishments

Measures approximately 3.75 x 5.25


44 page, perfect bound guidebook with matte laminated cover

70lb paper interior

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT of this deeply felt spiritual transmission!
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