Cursed Arrows

WHIRLING EYE Goth-friendly tie dye reverse dye black short sleeve tee

Completely unique + one of a kind tie dyed short sleeve t-shirts in 100% cotton. These were lovingly reverse-dyed using bleach. Monochromatic tie dye for the punk/goth adjacent folks!

Limited run. All long sleeve tees are stretchy knit. Photos correspond to each size selected; every size is a unique dye pattern! Watch closely to ensure you get the size + pattern you want. Every blank shirt was a different brand and fit, but exact measurements are listed below!

Shirt measurements:
Size S - 36" chest V-neck
Size Medium - 37" chest
Size Large - 42" chest SOLD OUT
Size XL - 47" chest SOLD OUT
Size XXL - 50" chest SOLD OUT